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Publish your articles in a fraction of the time with batch publishing

2009 January 14
by matthew

In this example we will show you how to create several articles at once and then publish them in quick succession using Windows Live Writer. 

The actual publishing image_thumb[4] phase is the slowest part and by placing it at the end we can get our site updated without waiting for the editor.

For this example we will use the first three chapters of H. G. Wells classic novel The Time Machine for our content.  You could just as easily create two, four, or any number of articles and then publish them all at once.  The basic procedure is the same.

Begin by creating your first article by creating a new post.  Once you’ve done that you should have something like this:


Then go to File and choose Save local draft:


You should see your first draft saved in the Task Pane:


Create your next article:


Save a local draft as you did before.  You should now see two drafts listed in the Task Pane:


Continue creating and saving local drafts using the steps outlined above.  When you’re done creating your articles and ready to publish, you should have something like this in the Task Pane:


Simply click on the first article you would like to publish to open your local draft. 

Then go to File and choose Publish to blog:


Wait for article to be uploaded to your site:


You should now see one less drafts listed in the Task Pane than before:


Click on the next article you want to publish in the Task Pane and publish it using the same method.

Just continue these steps until there are no more drafts listed in the Task Pane:


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